While BioNutrients primarily target space exploration, their concept holds promise for Earth as well.

MD's Global Initiatives

Dear Esteemed Colleagues and Visionary Partners,

We invite you, esteemed colleagues and visionary partners, to lend your invaluable support to our groundbreaking global initiative. Your expertise in biology, omics sciences, regenerative medicine, targeted nutrition, and precision medicine is crucial to our success. Under the leadership of Dr. Sherif Salah Abdelaziz Hesen and Dr. Muayad S. Dawood Al-Samaraee and backed by VitalityAge & ASHKM, this innovative program integrates cross-disciplinary expertise.

This initiative is similar to NASA's pioneering microgravity research, which utilizes the unique properties of the near-space environment to accelerate vital biological and chemical processes. This approach is poised to deliver rapid solutions for emerging and entrenched health challenges by diminishing the developmental timelines for novel therapies.


The initiative targets several ambitious goals:

1. Mitigating the Effects of Aging:

-                  Our science-driven products are designed to fortify the body and the immune system, promoting complete recovery from various diseases and ensuring sustainable prevention. These products are market-ready.

2. Preventing Infectious Diseases:

-                  We have developed products that enhance bodily defenses, ensuring sustained prevention and complete recovery from diverse infectious diseases.

3. Combatting Chronic Diseases:

-                  Our targeted products strengthen the body and immune system to achieve full recovery and lasting prevention of chronic illnesses.

4. Reversing Biological Aging by Conquering Incurable Diseases:

-                  Our innovative formulations aim to restore biological age by fortifying the body's defenses against otherwise incurable diseases, ensuring recovery and sustainable health.

By leveraging avant-garde scientific techniques and innovative research methodologies, our initiative promises to advance disease prevention, improve quality of life, and provide sustainable, advanced healthcare globally.

Core Components of the Initiative:

1. Comprehensive Nutritional Supplements:

-                  Balanced blends of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and phytonutrients to support overall health, immunity, and cellular function.

2. Immune-Boosting Nutraceuticals:

-                  Herbal and adaptogenic extracts combined with clinically verified immune-modulating compounds to enhance the body’s natural defenses.

3. Skin and Body Care Formulations:

-                  Topical products enriched with bioactive botanical oils, extracts, and peptides aimed at nourishing, protecting, and rejuvenating the skin and body.

4. Functional Food and Beverage Products:

-                  Nutrient-dense formats, including powders and shots, are designed for seamless daily integration.

These natural, scientifically validated products empower individuals to achieve optimal health, longevity, and resilience against age-related diseases. They leverage the synergy of nature and cutting-edge nutritional science for vibrant, sustainable health throughout their lives.

About the Founders:

Dr. Sherif Salah and Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee, the masterminds behind the VitalityAge & ASHKM Initiative, have pioneered a range of innovative, natural ingredients and dietary supplements to extend health span and overall health sustainability. Their work with the VitalityAge & ASHKM Initiative, which is operational worldwide, ensures the marketing of advanced biological and technological projects and services.

Join Us:

We invite you to become a partner in this transformative journey. By joining us, you will be part of a pioneering movement with the potential to alter our approach to healthcare and longevity fundamentally.


For further details and to explore partnership opportunities, please visit our websites at        www.VitalityAge.org    I    www.ASHKM.com.


Dr. Sherif Salah & Dr. Muayad Al-Samaraee 

Exclusive Representatives and Co-Founders of the VitalityAge & ASHKM Initiative 

Dr. Serif Salah

Immune Health Supplements

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Bioactive compounds** are substances found in natural sources like food, plants, and other organic materials. These compounds have specific effects on living organisms, including humans.
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