Human Healthspan on Earth

Earthly Nutrition Science and BioNutrients

The impact of the ASHKM Initiative and how BioNutrients’ groundbreaking technology transcends terrestrial boundaries.


Example: The water lily roots offer several bioactive benefits. Let’s explore them:


1.    Antioxidant Properties:

o        Water lily roots contain antioxidants such as alkaloids, tannins, flavonoids, and glycosides.

o        These compounds help neutralize harmful free radicals, potentially reducing the risk of chronic diseases.


2.    Anti-Inflammatory Abilities:

o        Chronic inflammation is a silent troublemaker behind many health issues.

o        Water lily roots may possess anti-inflammatory properties, contributing to overall well-being.


3.    Candida Inhibition:

o        European white water lily leaves and roots contain antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids, particularly quercetin.

o        These compounds inhibit the growth of Candida glabrata fungus.

o        Additionally, water lily roots have been studied for their potential in fighting against ovarian, prostate, and breast cancer cells without harming noncancerous cells.


4.    Gastrointestinal Health:

o        American white-water lily contains tannins that may help treat diarrhea by reducing inflammation and possibly killing some germs.


5.    Edible Tubers:

o        from the roots of the American white-water lily, you can harvest small, carbohydrate-dense tubers.

o        While not toxic, ensure correct identification before consumption.

o        Harvest from wild areas, such as lakes, slow-moving rivers, or even your own backyard.


The water lily roots aren’t just beneficial for the plant—they can contribute to human health too!



BioNutrients’ Groundbreaking Technology

BioNutrients, a key player in the ASHKM of MD Consortium, introduces revolutionary advancements:


Nutrient Synthesis: BioNutrients of ASHKM Initiative, pioneers the synthesis of essential nutrients using cutting-edge biotechnology. BioNutrients, at the forefront of scientific exploration, places a strong emphasis on nutrient-dense foods to enhance human health. By delving into the intricate relationship between soil health, plant quality, and nutrient content, we elevate the quality of our global food supply.


Closed-Loop Systems: Their closed-loop systems efficiently recycle waste into valuable nutrients. Whether aboard a space station or submerged in an underwater habitat, this technology minimizes resource consumption and maximizes self-sufficiency.

BioNutrients’ nutrient synthesis techniques could revolutionize global food security by providing essential nutrients in resource-scarce regions. Nutrition for All: Imagine a world where nutrient-rich food is accessible to everyone. BioNutrients’ breakthroughs hold the promise of addressing malnutrition, especially in vulnerable populations.


The ASHKM Initiative, fueled by BioNutrients’ technology, transcends boundaries bridging space, water, and Earth to nourish humanity’s future. In essence, BioNutrients ensures sustenance beyond our current limits while positively influencing health right here on Earth.

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