Human Healthspan in Space

BioNutrients: Advancing Space Nutrition through Microorganisms


The BioNutrients research initiative is dedicated to developing innovative nutrient production systems specifically tailored for astronauts during extended space missions. By addressing the unique challenges of long-duration space travel, BioNutrients aims to ensure optimal health and well-being for space explorers.

Microorganisms as Factories

At the heart of BioNutrients lies the ingenious use of modified microorganisms. These tiny living factories, including organisms like baker’s yeast, play a pivotal role in producing essential nutrients. Notably, they synthesize compounds such as beta carotene and zeaxanthin, which are crucial for human health.

Space Applications

While these synthesized nutrients won’t be directly consumed by astronauts, they serve as a vital proof-of-concept for future space missions. By demonstrating the feasibility of nutrient production in space, BioNutrients paves the way for sustainable and self-sufficient astronaut nutrition during extended stays beyond Earth.

Bridging Scientific Frontiers

BioNutrients transcends traditional boundaries, connecting space science, underwater science, and earthly nutrition research. By fostering collaboration across disciplines, it ensures sustenance beyond our planetary limits and positively impacts human health in the vast expanse of space.

In summary, BioNutrients not only addresses the practical needs of astronauts but also contributes to the advancement of scientific knowledge, making it a critical component of space exploration.


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